Who will use the Chef's Workshop?

1. Individuals who want to start/expand their food business using a legitimate certified facility allowing them to be in full compliance with health industry requirements. Not only does this reduce their liability, but it also enables them to freely market their products and grow their business.

2. Existing caterers who need an extra facility to accommodate larger events that they previously couldn’t handle.

3. Restaurateurs looking to expand their catering business without tying up their existing kitchen facility at peak times.

4. People looking to market that “Secret Family Recipe” that your friends and neighbors rave about.

5. Chefs who want to offer cooking classes/demonstrations.

6. Anyone interested in the ease and convenience of a commercial kitchen.

How do I get started?

Just give us a call and schedule a tour of the facility. Whatever your goals we can help get you up and cooking.

How many other chefs will be using the kitchen while I am in it?

Zero! When it is your designated time the kitchen is exclusively yours. You can bring your own staff to help of course.

Will someone clean up after me?

Each chef is responsible for cleaning the kitchen as part of their kitchen use, including all equipment, tables and floors. We will supply all the necessary cleaning supplies and will take care of periodic deep cleans. Our staff person will also maintain a cleanliness check list to insure that each chef is entering a clean, sanitary workplace.


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